What can a mother do when she has no money

and a dangerously sick kid?

She can make a mistake.

In a moment of desperation, cleaning lady Phoebe Jackson tries to pawn the diamond-bejeweled Rolex she found in a mobster's locker. Turns out the watch is a fake, but the mobster isn't—and he's on to her.


Once he was a gentle soul, a man of peace, but after thirty years of ministering in his gang-infested Chicago neighborhood, Reverend John Archer fantasizes about killing gang members. That’s when he looks out the church window and sees a young boy shot in the head. He rushes to the police station and gives a sworn statement. Only when it’s too late does he find out that the gang leader he identified is known for killing witnesses—and their families.

Archer scrambles to protect his wife and children, but before he can, a gang member abducts him. Archer prays desperately and believes he hears from God, but the answer surprises—the gang member, Billy, is sick of the gang leader’s brutality too. Even more surprising, Billy’s heart seems to be softening, while Archer’s is hardening. The odd pair form an uneasy alliance and together come up with a desperate plan—but it's an ungodly one. 


​Seventeen-year-old Annie Rebarchek is thrilled when industrialist Houston Monroe hires her to look after his baby for the summer. But something’s not right. Monroe’s baby is weak and cries constantly. When Annie confronts Monroe about it, he goes into a rage and tells her to mind her own business. She tells her father but he thinks she’s exaggerating. Annie knows something is suspicious, but what? The next day she discovers something that makes her skin crawl. She nabs the baby and flees.

Now she’s on the run. Her only hope is exposing Monroe’s deadly evil before it’s too late—for her and the baby.​


What can a mother do when she has no money and a dangerously sick kid?

She can make  a  mistake.

In a moment of desperation, cleaning lady Phoebe Jackson tries to pawn the diamond-bejeweled Rolex she found in a mobster's locker. Turns out the watch is a fake but the mobster isn't—and he's on to her.


​It's the last chance for law intern Mary Maloney. Twice she's failed the bar exam and if she fails again, she'll lose her job, her home, and her self-respect. Only love keeps her going, but that too seems to be slipping through her fingers.

Tom Falcone has always “the guy” for Mary. He’s kind, thoughtful, wants a family, and he’s all Mary ever wanted. But Mary always seems to have a way of failing. Even at love.

Now, needing everything she’s got to come through, a stunning revelation sends her reeling. The life she’s always dreamed of is still within reach, but only if she can somehow pass one final test.​


Lily Russell thinks she can dance at London’s prestigious Royal Ballet. She also thinks she can single-handedly bring about world peace. Her friends know she’s delusional; her former bosses think she’s unreliable. The only person who seems to believe in her is her jealous ex-lover, Jeremy, and he’s shiftless and violent and doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “ex.” That doesn’t stop her from dreaming; dreams make life an adventure. But when she meets Edmund, a boxer who seems to genuinely care for her and who steadies her thinking, she starts to realize that her ordinary life might be enough of an adventure for her.

She expects a scene when Jeremy finds out about her new boyfriend, but she never could’ve expected the shocking crime that shakes her to the core. Now the police want her for questioning. The men in her life say they want to help her but can she trust them? Soon it becomes apparent the police think she committed the crime, and, her feeble grip on reality fading fast, she’s not entirely sure she didn’t.


​Jamie Thompson's never been good at taking chances. Young, beautiful and from a wealthy family she's had little reason to. She has it all. Everything but what she values most—her freedom. So she counts the cost and flees to a Texas border town where a friend has set up a job for her.

What she didn't count on is meeting Ricky Benson. Ricky's dream of pitching in the big leagues shattered by an injury, he's killing his disappointment with booze and blondes. Jamie knows he's trouble, but she sees the good in him too. The shocking crime that happens next tests her new-found freedom and threatens her growing love for Ricky.

Life is a gamble, Jamie's finding out fast, and she discovers that for love she may have to risk it all.​